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On August 9, 2023, The Intercept published a copy of a diplomatic cable from the US Embassy in Islamabad to the US State Department. The cable, which was dated March 7, 2022, just days before a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan was filed in the Pakistani Parliament, warned that Khan’s visit to Russia would “likely complicate” US-Pakistan relations and could lead to “consequences” for Pakistan.

cypher (back in 2022)

Cypher copy leaked

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The cable also said that the US government was “disappointed” with Khan’s decision to visit Russia and that it had “urged” him to cancel the trip. However, Khan went ahead with the visit, and the no-confidence motion was ultimately successful, resulting in his ouster from office.

The publication of the cable has sparked a political crisis in Pakistan. Khan has accused the US of orchestrating his ouster, and his supporters have held large protests demanding his reinstatement. The Pakistani government has also summoned the US ambassador to Islamabad to explain the cable.

The publication of the cable has raised questions about the role of the US in Pakistan’s domestic affairs. It has also damaged the US-Pakistan relationship, which has been strained in recent years. It is unclear how the relationship will be repaired in the wake of this scandal.

Cypher (Cipher)

The cypher copy leaked and published by The Intercept has had a significant impact on Pakistani politics and the US-Pakistan relationship. It remains to be seen how the scandal will be resolved, but it is clear that it will have a lasting impact on both countries.

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