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As we know, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is behind bars, facing what many believe are unjust charges. Denied basic rights and banned from TV, and party members being pressured to abandon . As the crucial elections on February 8, 2024, draw near, PTI faces an uphill battle, unable to even campaign freely. Amidst these challenges, PTI has launched a grassroots fundraising campaign via the website Pakistan badlo and This initiative aims to rally support from ordinary citizens who believe in a fair and democratic process.

Pakistan Badlo PTI Website

NamePTI Fundraising
ForElections 2024
Time07 January 2024
9 PM

How to Donate

Here is step by step guide, how to donate to PTI fundraising Campaign.

There are two different portals for Locals and for overseas Pakistanis.

If you are in Pakistan you can donate via

If you are ocerseas you can donate via

Pakistan Badlo PTI Donation step by step guide

Step 1: Open the website and choose how much you want to donate. You can can donate minimum Rs 500.

Step 2: After selecting the amount of donation go to next page.

Step 3: Click on donate now.

Step 4: Click on new order if you are donating first time on PakistanBadlo.

This new page will load.

Step 5: Enter your Name, Email, Cnic and set a password. Now click on proceed.

On Next Page enter your address.

Step 6: After this Click on complete order.

Step 7: Now you will get a Bank account number of PTI. You can make payment via your online banking app.

Now you maybe thinking that we can make direct donation to this account without the above steps. Yes you can. But this could create problems for party in ECP. Party must have details of funds so thats why above steps are required.

PakistanBadlo Overseas PTI donations:

If you are a overseas Pakistani you can fund PTI via and all the steps are almost same.

Why Fund PTI

With the Chairman in jail and the party under siege, PTI finds itself in a unique predicament. The upcoming elections hold immense significance, and the inability to campaign puts the party at a disadvantage. The urgency of the situation has prompted PTI to turn to the people, seeking financial support to level the playing field and ensure a fair chance in the democratic process.

Donate Now via PakistanBadlo

As PTI navigates through turbulent times, the fundraising campaign becomes a beacon of hope for a party determined to uphold democratic principles. Your support, in the form of contributions, echoes the collective call for fairness and justice. Together, let’s empower PTI to face the challenges ahead and strive for a better, more democratic Pakistan.


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