Kamyab Kissan Loan Program Registration , how to apply

Kamyab Kissan is a part of Kamyab Pakistan Program. It is created to help and stable the income of small Farmers. As Pakistan is a agricultural country and nearly 60% population depends upon the agriculture. This also shows the Farmers are the backbone of Pakistan economy. If the farmers are not happy and successful there is no chance for country to be successful. It is good that this Government realize this and decided to help the deserving farmers by introducing the Kamyab Kissan Program.

In this article we will discuss all the details of this program. You will get to know How to Apply for Kamyab Kissan Program, Eligibility criteria and how much Loan you can get.

The agricultural sector in the Pakistan has been struggling for years, and there have been many efforts to help the farmers. One such program is Kisan Card which was started by PM Imran Khan back in 2019. It helps provide a safety net for farmers when they experience economic hardships market conditions. A report on the Aaj News states that there are more than 60 million farmers in Pakistan. A large proportion of these are vulnerable to poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition because their farms cannot generate enough income to support themselves. Farming is a risky profession as it depends upon unpredictable weather conditions, but lending institutions have not been very supportive towards small scale farmers either by offering them low interest rates or refusing loans altogether.

The Kamyab Kisan Program aims at alleviating some of these problems faced by rural communities especially those facing financial hardships. A new wave of rural debt relief programs was started since PM Imran Khan took office under flagship EHSAAS and it has provided almost 500 million Pakistan Rupee as loans so far this year alone. The purpose behind such initiatives is that they help ensure food security within country borders by making sure that every farmer gets access to credit at fair market terms without having any kind of discrimination based upon their social status or economic background. Just remember this scheme is a part of Kamyab Pakistan Program which overall contain total five schemes.

Kamyab Kisan Program Registration  

This time Govt of Pakistan came with a very easy method to get farmers register. As we know mostly the small farmers are not well educated and they dont know much about the technology, thats why in past many deserving farmers missed this kind of offers.

How to Apply for Kamyab Kissan

To apply and register for Kamyab Kissan just write your CNIC in SMS and send it to 5771.

For Example
1111111111111 send to 5771

After sending this SMS you have to wait for 4 to 5 weeks. This is because they will check your records like Property on your name etc.
After 4-5 weeks you will receive and SMS from Government about you are Eligible or Not Eligible.
If you found Eligible a bank will contact with you and you will get your loan soon.

How much loan you get with Kamyab Kissan 

These are small loans for small farmers. Here are the details about the Loan.

  •  Up to Rs 150,000 for crop
  •  Up-to Rs.  200,000 for farm machinery

Kamyab Kisan Eligibility Criteria 

As we know this program is for small level farmers so Eligibility Criteria is very simple

  • farmers with landholding 12.5 Acres or less
  • No Age Limit
  • only Personal Guarantee of farmer. No other person required
  • Agriculture, livestock, poultry, fishery, dairy are Eligible 
  • 0 % customer pricing

– Loan interest ate is 0.

– Loan applicants can apply online or by sending a SMS.

– Loans will be given to those who have a farm size less than 12 acres.

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