Pakistan new Army chief General Asim Munir Biography, Pics

After General Qamar Javed Bajwa retires as COAS on November 30, 2022, Pakistan Army will be led by Lieutenant General Asim Munir as the 11th Chief of Army Staff (COAS). This post is all about Pakistan new Army chief General Asim Munir Biography.

Gen Asim Munir Complete Biography

1Appointed AsNew Army Chief
2Appointed On24th Novembar 2022
4Famous AsChief of ISI
7ReplacedGeneral Qamar Javed Bajwa
9Other InfoSyed, Hafiz Quran
General Asim Munir biography
Picture of General Asim Munir

Asim is one of those who excel not only in life but also in education, Islamic knowledge, and the afterlife. He is an avid reader of the Holy Quran. He has been a very strict and disciplined soldier due to his dedication and discipline toward his family. He was given the title “Hilal i-Imtiaz” in March of 2018 and was able to continue making progress in his career. Gujranwala will be in charge of his Corps beginning on June 17, 2019.

Although Lieutenant General Asim Munir did not graduate from the Pakistan Military Academy, the Officers Training School is where he received his commission into the Frontier Force Regiment. He has also taught at the Command & Staff College and served as Lieutenant Colonel for Saudi Arabia. Asim Munir’s biography and everything you need to know about his life is in this article.

Lt Gen Asim Munir Complete Biography

Between June 17, 2019, and October 6, 2021, he was in charge of Gujranwala as the commander of the XXX Corps. Pakistan).Up until Lt. On June 16, 2019, he was replaced as Director-General of the ISI by Gen. Faiz Hameed. He was the 23rd Director-General of the organization. He resigned from his position after Hameed was appointed. Additionally, he has been presented with the Sword of Honor numerous times.

Syed Asim Munir received instruction at the Officers Training School in Mangla during the 17th course. He was given the rank of officer by the Frontier Force Regiment’s 23rd Battalion. He was also given his commission. In September 2018, he was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant General. He was given the responsibility of overseeing the ISI shortly after, and he was named Director General. He is Director General of Military Intelligence earlier in his career. He had this position.

In recognition of everything that Asim Munir has accomplished, he was presented with the Hilal-i-Imtiaz award in March 2018. He had commanded troops stationed in Pakistan’s Northern Areas earlier in his career. At the time, his station was in Pakistan. Lt.After Munir’s tenure as ISI Director General came to an end in June 2019, Gen. Faiz Hameed was selected to take over. Due to promotion and move to a new location, Munir is now the XXX Corps Commander in Gujranwala.

Lt Gen Asim Munir appointed as new Army Chief

The most senior of the top generals competing for the Pakistan Army’s coveted Chief of Staff position is Lieutenant General Asim Munir. However, he intends to hang up his uniform a few days before the incumbent does, according to local media reports.

Dawn reported that the Prime Minister could advance a Lieutenant General to the rank of four-star general before the individual retires. The individual’s career could be extended by three years with this promotion.

In light of the scandals that have plagued General Bajwa’s subsequent terms in power, the information provided suggests that Nawaz is “aware that he must strike a balance.”

At this point, the Sharifs are considering a variety of factors.

There is a significant trust gap between them and the army, and an appointment of this weight has significant ramifications.

After the appointments, defense minister Khawaja Asif told the media that President Arif Alvi had received the “advice,” He hoped that the President would follow the premier’s advice and not label the appointments “controversial.”

From the Frontier Force Regiment, the new Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Munir, has led one of the nation’s most prestigious spy agencies, focusing on security and military intelligence.

He has served under Bajwa’s direct command in the frequently troubled northern regions that border Afghanistan, China, and India.

Within eight months of his appointment, Imran Khan removed Munir from his position as ISI chief and appointed a close associate.

On November 27, Lt. Gen. Munir was to retire. However, he continued to serve for three years after he was appointed army chief.

Relationship issues with Imran Khan

asim munir picture with imran khan

The Pakistan Army’s Quarter Master General is Asim Munir at the moment. Before this, he was the commander of the Pakistan Army’s 30th Corps, which is based in Gujranwala and is stationed close to India’s Punjab along the borders. 

However, Aasim Munir was in the news when the then-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, appointed him as the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency in June 2019. Within just eight months, he left position as DG of ISI. 

However, no explanation was provided for why he was demoted to Corps Commander. It was thought that his bad relationships with Imran Khan were the reason [No solid information is their on this]. Munir will succeed the current Chief of the Pakistan Army, General Bajwa, who will retire on the 29th of this month. Imran Khan told Arif Alvi to sign summery of his appointment.

The army chief needs approval from the President

The President’s approval of Asim Munir’s nomination raises additional questions about his appointment. Pakistan’s current President, Arif Alvi, is thought to be close to Imran Khan and is from Imran Khan’ party. In order for the Shahbaz Sharif government to appoint Asim Munir as the head of the Pakistan Army, the President must give the go-ahead. If this does not happen, there could be a constitutional crisis in Pakistan.

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