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Sehat insaf card is a free health insurance service for the needy and deserving people across the Pakistan. This is also called sehat sahulat program. This program is launched by the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Before the elections 2018 Imran Khan promised that if their party Pakistan Tehreek Insaf came into power they will introduce the free health care for the people and he kept his promise. In this article we will discuss in details about this and also how to get sehat insaf card.

Pic: Launching of sehat insaf card in Azaad Kashmir

Sehat Card

Like student card or ATM card now the people of Pakistan will have the Sehat Card. By using this card the card holder will get a free treatment from thousands of public and private hospitals without recharging the card because the Govt. will pay to the hospital for you. Seems great, yea it is great. This is one of the best program by the Government of Imran Khan. Now like the developed countries i.e US United Kingdom the people of Pakistan will get free health care when needed and all this is possible with the Sehat Sahulat Program.

If you want to get benefit of this service first you need to register for it. Here we will explain how to register for sehat insaf card.

How to apply for Sehat Insaf Card

There are two easy method are offered to apply for sehat card abd both are very easy.

  1. you can apply online by Click Here
Insaf Sehsat Card

All you need to do is open the above given link. So on that page You will See a form. Enter your CNIC to the first box and then solve the captcha and fill it in the second box. After filling all the details click on check eligibility button. If eligible then your card will be sent to the nearest health care center from where you can pick it up by showing your original CNIc.

2. Second method of registration is register via SMS

This method is for those people who do not have the access to the internet or cannot apply online due to some technical issues.

All you just need to do is go to the write message option on mobile and write your CNIC number and send it to the 8500. You will receive a message in short time about your eligibility.

Sehat Insaf Card 8500 SMS Registratiom

The after process is same as above, if you are eligible you can get your card at the nearest health center.

How to check eligibility for sehat insaf card

If you have seen the advertisement of this program by the Government where they claim that this card for is for all the Pakistan so maybe you getting them wrong here because all Pakistan means the needy and deserving people from all the Pakistan. So not everyone is eligible for this.

So Now the question is then who will get the card? well the government have worked hard to get a huge data of the citizens to know about their family and the wealth. Govt conducted many surveys under the NSER to collect all this data.

The basic criteria is the People who are earning less then $2 (Rs. 350) per day are eligible for sehat insaf card.

To check if you are eligible or not Click here

You also can check the eligibility by sending your Cnic number to 8500 via sms.

Sehat insaf card details in urdu

Here is the full video presentation and details about the sehat card in Urdu Language.

Details in Urdu

Sehat Sahulat Program (insaf card) Details

NameSehat Insaf Card
ByGovt. of Pakistan
Launched byImran Khan
AreaAll Pakistan
Hospitals ListPublic and Private Hospitals
RegisterationWrite your cnic number and send it to 8500

We will be updating this page as soon as new announcements are made.

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