(Official) Imran Khan Flood relief website, floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk

flood relief 2022 punjab gov pk is online donation portal announced by Chairman PTI Imran Khan to collect funds for flood relief work. Through this portal anyone from Pakistan or from outside of Pakistan can donate money online to flood relief fund. The URL of official website is floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk

Here we will share in details that how can you donate via this portal. Here are some key points you must know before donating.

  • These funds are separate from the Prime Minister fund.
  • This fund will be distributed among all the flood affected people all over the Pakistan.
  • For collection of this fund Govt of Punjab official website is used, but it did not mean that the fund is only for this province.
  • Sania Nishter is the incharge of this fund.
  • The fund Imran Khan collected via live telethon and this fund is same.

These were some important questions asked by many people on social media, so we made it clear here.

If you have any questions or want to ask something you can comment here too.

flood relief 2022 punjab gov pk portal

So here are the complete details about this portal along with the method how to donate Imran Khan Flood relief fund online via this website.

  • The official URL of this portal is floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk
  • There are some other fake of phishing website there, so you must check the URL of the website before making any donation to Imran Khan flood relief fund.
  • On this fund website you can donate from Pakistan as well as from outside of Pakistan.
  • You can donate via your credit or debit card.

Donate online to Imran Khan flood relief fund via website

Here is the complete method of how to donate online.

Go to the website of flood relief fund via this URL floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk

Or just click here to go to floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk

flood relief 2022 punjab gov pk
imran khan flood relief fund website

On the Home Page you will see DONATE button.

After clicking on Donate button this page will open.

flood relief 2022 punjab gov pk
flood relief 2022 punjab gov pk

Now if you are from out side of Pakistan chose International, or if you are from Pakistan, select Pakistan.

After this you have to enter your Name, Email address and the amount you want to donate.

After filling all this information click on Donate Now button.

Now the page will load and will take you to the page to fill your credit card details.

flood relief 2022 punjab gov pk

This is powered by VISA and Mastercard and Bank Alfalah.

Now fill all the Payment details and click NEXT to make donation to Imran Khan flood relief fund.

Donate via Bank deposit

You can also donate to this fund via bank deposit. The Bank of Punjab and Bank of Khyber have special accounts for this funds. Here are the details of Bank Accounts and IBAN.

Bank NameBank of Punjab
TitleCM Flood Relief Fund Punjab
Bank NameBank of Khyber
TitleCM Flood Relief Fund KP

So if you find an problem while making transfer in bank accounts or via online website of Imran Khan flood relied fund (flood relief 2022 punjab gov pk) you can comment here.

Here is the official announcement made by Imran Khan via his twitter account.

I am asking our Overseas Pakistanis to continue donating for flood victims through this portal: http://floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk The donations received from the portal exceeded $2m within 24 hours. I want to thank all those who have already contributed.

via @ImrankhanPTI twitter
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29 thoughts on “(Official) Imran Khan Flood relief website, floodrelief2022.punjab.gov.pk”

  1. I live in London, UK. When I try to deposit money into Imran Bank of Punjab or Bank of KP fund scheme, CrossPay company (that i use to send money of pakistan) refuses to take any money for flood relief for Imran Fund and instead deposits it into Current Crime Minister Fund.

  2. بہتر ہو اگر ویب سائٹ کے اوپر جمع ہونے والے پیسوں کا کانٹر بھی چلتا رہے اور ان کے خرچ کی تفصیلات بھی اسی ویب سائٹ پر دے دی جائیں۔

    I already asked my relative in Faisalabad,Pakistan to donate in exchange of $8000.00 on my behalf. On August 31, he transferred RS. 10,91,250.00 in exchange of $5000.00. Today (September 1, ) he will transfer equivalent of $3000.00 in CM Flood Relief Fund Punjab: Acc. No. 6010159451200028 . Beside, I would like to donate $2000.00 taking advantage of on line website. I followed the instructions but in vein………… unsuccessful transaction. I did everything right but I don’t know the reason.

  4. اسلام علیکم…
    کیا میں جاز کیش کے ذریعے کچھ دے سکتا ہوں…

  5. I have been trying to use my credit card to donate for the last few days from USA but it is not working I am keep getting error YOUR PAYMENT WAS UNSUCSESSFUL check your details.

  6. This website allows International funds in US Dollars. What if I want to donate in Canadian dollars? Is there any provision to select the required currency? or do we have to convert the donation amount in USD and then make payment?

  7. Assalam o Aliqum sir, i do not use credit card. is there any other way to submit amount/cash as flood relief donation ?
    Kindly inform in this regard.
    Thank you

  8. Hi,

    I am gathering money from my network that I have here in Europe.
    Is there a possibility to transfer money in euros?

    Thank you and Regards,
    Baha Tanveer

  9. I need a receipt from floodrelief2022.Punjab.gov.pk since they did not give me any confirmation number but the amount $2000 is already cleared from my credit card bank. Keep up the good work!
    Zahid Hassan

  10. Hello!
    Unfortunately, I’m unable to donate through my Debt/Visa card as at the end of the transaction it says: unable to process

    I’ve contacted my Wells Fargo bank and they say there is nothing wrong from their side as the funds have not been requested from them.

    And Allah knows better

  11. AOA. I donated $20,000.00 through a wire transfer to the CM flood relief fund in the Bank of Khyber account #2008365353 on August, 30th. Wanted to find out if the money was received and how do I get the receipt so I can claim on my 2022 tax return.
    Thank You

  12. Assalam O Alaikum,

    I am in England trying to donate to Flood Appeal, there is no option for Pound Sterling.
    The only option is in USD, what can I do?

  13. This website has been frozen for sometime. I can’t access anything on desktop or cellphone.
    Can you please email me a link where I can donate in £ sterling.

    Thank you


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