Imran Khan PTI Telethon Phone number, Bank details, flood relief fund

Imran Khan, head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, is conducting an international telethon in view of the recent flood disaster in Pakistan and to provide relief to the people. He will collect funds for flood victims. Telethon Phone number and Bank account numbers are shared here.

Imran Khan has invited the citizens of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis to join this telethon.

The telethon will be held tonight at nine o’clock Pakistan time. Imran Khan has said that in this difficult time we are with the flood victims and will do everything possible for them and give them relief as much as possible. The funds collected through this telethon will be distributed among the flood victims by a committee headed by Sania Nishtar. She successfully headed Ehsaas Kafalat and Rashan program during corona pandemic.

Imran Khan Live Telethon details

Here we will provide you with full details of this telethon.

TitleImran Khan Telethon for flood relief
Date29/08/2022, 2nd telethon on 11/09/2022
WherePTI social media pages, Youtube, TV channels
Phone Number+92 42 38872222 ( must see here )
2nd telethon phone number (11/09/2022)
1-8558866387 (ext 5)
Bank Account NumberBank of Punjab
Bank Account NumberBank of Khyber
Telethon Phone Number, Bank Account Numbers

Telethon Phone Number

People from Pakistan and from all over the world can interact with Imran Khan via live call. Also this telethon will be live streamed on different television channels along with all PTI social media pages and on Youtube.

Along with Imran Khan the CM of Punjab Ch. Perviz ilahi and CM of KPK Mr Mehmood Khan will also be there to take live calls from the Public.

Phone number for live calls will be shared here and also on live tv and on different social media pages of PTI.

+92 42 38872222

2nd Telethon phone number (11 Sep 2022)

1-8558866387 (ext 5)

Imran Khan PTI Telethon Bank Accounts

People can donate money to relief fund in Bank Accounts opened by the Governments of Punjab and KPK. Here we are going to share full details of these bank accounts along with how to donate.

Bank NameBank of Punjab
TitleCM Flood Relief Fund Punjab
Bank NameBank of Khyber
TitleCM Flood Relief Fund KP

How these funds will be used

These collected funds will be distributed among the flood victims under the supervision of Sania Nishter.

She had a great experience of this as she did amazing job while corona pandemic.

These collected funds will not only be distributed in people pf KP and Punjab but also people of Sindh and Balochistan will be provided with relief.

Imran khan flood Donation total Amount

In the three hour of Imran khan fundraising telethon the total collected amount is Rs. 5 billion which is equal to Rs. 500 crore.

Imran Khan PTI telethon details

As Imran Khan announced about this telethon it got popular among people of Pakistan in no time and started on twitter. This shows the trust of people on Imran Khan and how they are willing to fund and help the people in need.

If any information is missing on this page it will be shared as we receive it. For more follow Official twitter account of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf at @PTIofficial.

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  1. Dear sir/madam,

    I am trying to transfer money to these accounts from my bank in the Netherlands. But for some reason from several banks (ING and RABO) both the given account numbers are not recognised and flagged as invalid. Please solve this so I can transfer the funds.

    Kind regards.

  2. Please give details of any UK bank account where we can donate money for the flood victims please , where the younger British born Pakistani generation can transfer funds directly from their bank accounts .

  3. I am trying to send a remittance for the flood relief call, but the bank requires the phone number and address of the payee.

  4. Plz use local mobile phone companies sms service to donate in PTI flood relief fund. You will be surprised with results

  5. I had donated 5k rupees for flood relief fund.

    Please do distribute my minor contribution to eligible people, please hich are in need and effected by floods.

    Thank you

  6. AoA
    I am trying make a donation but my bank is requesting a BIC number.

    Can you please advise


    Jhang Chaudhry

  7. These accounts have titles of CM Khyber and Punjab, will these accounts be operative if local govt not in power?

  8. You wrote incorrect bank of Punjab account number please correct.
    You wrote PK92PBUN6010159451200028

  9. I belong to PTI.
    Imran Khan is great.
    He has always worked sincerely for Pakistan and Pakistanis.
    I am going to deposit Rs. 100000/- in Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund today or maybe tomorrow.
    I know this is a small amount, but I wish I could afford more. The game is not over. I will in-shaa-Allah, keep depositing more as per my capacity.
    Best of luck to Pakistan and my great leader Imran Khan.

  10. IBAN for Punjab bank PK92PBUN6010159451200028 is incorrect. Its being rejected by banks as invalid. Can you please post the right IBAN. Also I suggest post the full details if the bank, branch and SWIFT. It will make it easier for transfers from overseas.

  11. Asslamualaikum I’m Ahmed Bashir from Sunderland,UK
    I h’ve donated 3 lakes rupees in KPK bank account! I have sent the complete transaction from my Santander bank account which I have the record Alhamdulillah!
    Thought to send a message via this space for the attention!
    Inshallah very much hope that ll be acknowledged via my email!
    My sincere best wishes for our Imran khan Saheb jee to complete his mission impossible Inshallah!
    Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

  12. Sir, I have a question-
    If some one want to donate 100$ in Flood program and sitting in in Canada-
    How will he do it-? If you use the banking then bank will charge 35 or 40$ there fees.
    So is there any ways full amount of 100$ will be received in flood program.


  13. I want to send money
    I need following INfo

  14. Trying to donate to IK flood relief. I am in the UK and the bank wants swift codes for bank of punjab and bank of khyber. Could someone provide this to me on
    I tried +924238872222 twice today but no joy

  15. Which is the correct Iban for bank of punjab:

    TV ticker is showing the top one while How to Donate enquiry shows the 2nd one

  16. SubhanAllah

    May Allah bless Imran Khan and his team for the great initiative in channelizing flood relief fund. There is NO DOUBT at all this collection is based on the trust Pakistanis have in Imran Khan. Not many would have sent money to the current govt that seriously lacks trust. Our second choice would be Edhi, Alkhidmat, JDC et al who are also providing selfless service.

  17. Assalamoalicum,

    I want to deposit some money into CM Flood Relief Fund KP, but not able to transfer any money to provided account from USA.


  18. AssalamoAlaikum
    I live in canada and I want to give some amount for flood relief , please guide me how I can transfer money .

  19. I made several attempts to donate via Ir
    Imran Khan online site for KP as well as Punjab but found the site unresponsive. It needs careful examination.

    Emeritus Professor M Akhtar FRS

    Southampton SO16 3PZ UK


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