PTI website and whatsapp, Imran Tigers registration is a website for registration of Imran Tigers force. PTI chairman Imran Khan introduced this site via his video message to the nation. Here we will provide you with all the information you need to get register with

byImran Khan
forPeople of Pakistan
Whatsapp number03001119444
Launched date23 Aug 2022 information website

How to register

Here is the link to go to this website.

Go to this link and fill the form there.

After filling the form you will get a block code.

You need to put that block code there on website at given box for successful registration.

Here is the screenshot of the web page home page

Imran Tigers Whatsapp number

If you want to get all these information on your mobile via whatsapp you can get by Sending “Yes” to this whatsapp number 03001119444.

‏03001119444 اس نمبر پر YES لکھ کر وٹس ایپ میسج بھیجیں اور “عمران ٹائیگر ” میں شامل ہوجائیں. اور رپلائی میں موصول ہونے والی ہدایات پر عمل کریں.
یہ ایک قسم کی کوئک ری ایکشن فورس ہوگی جو کسی بھی قسم کے ہنگامی حالات میں خان کا پیغام آگے پہنچائے گی.

imran tigers

Imran Khan’s Tiger force of Haqeqi Azadi Mission.

Our Voice will be the mightiest power in world, Louder & Stronger then Any Supper Power if we bring This Voice on Single Tone, inside & out side Country.

“Thats they Key Role of Imran Tigers”

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